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Wonderland Lifestyle Nursery is set in a cool, unhurried atmosphere.  This family destination has a sensational selection of indoor and outdoor plants, trees, garden furniture and stunning home decor to beautify both home and garden.

As we are environmentally friendly we have implemented a new hydraphonics department to keep us with current trends.

Grab a light meal at Wonderland Cafe while the children take delight in the animals and enjoy the safe play areas within the nursery.

We make your life more beautiful with the largest selection of earthy organics, elegant home decor, gorgeous garden furniture, flourishing indoor and outdoor plants

We are now a Green Nursery. We run on Solar power and have inhouse experts to assist you with all your solarpower needs.!

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What to do in your garden this October, November and December

Plant and sow :

Plant heat-tolerant bedding plants like amaranthus, gomphrena, verbena, zinnia, vinca, marigolds, gazanias and dianthus.

Plant sun-loving herbs like rosemary, origanum, sage, thyme and fennel.

Sow these vegetables now: beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, cauliflower, celery, cucumber and celeriac.

Feed :

Feed your entire garden with a general fertiliser like 2:3:2 or the organic All purpose and water deeply.

Check the mulch around your roses and re-apply if necessary. Feed with 8:1:5 or 5:1:5.

Feed cannas, day lilies, hibiscus and dahlias with 3:1:5.

Feed hydrangeas with Nitrosol or Multifeed P once every two weeks. If the leaves start to turn yellow, treat plants with iron chelate or Epsom salts.

Feed indoor and outdoor container plants with a liquid fertiliser like Multifeed P or Seagro.

Feed your lawn with a handful of 4:1:1 or LAN per square metre and water it well in the early morning.

Prune and Trim :

Deadhead annuals and perennials like lavender, daisy bushes, geraniums, candytuft, catmint, veronica and phlox. Deadheading directs the plant’s resources away from seed production and allows vegetative growth, which improves the appearance of the plant.

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